Adriatic Bank a.d. Belgrade opens dinar and foreign currency accounts for legal entities, residents and non-residents.

Representative services for legal entities and entrepreneurs

Information about the payment account change service

If you want to open an account in our Bank, please kindly collect and submit the following documentation, listed in this part of the Adriatic Bank a.d. Belgrade website.


For the following documents, the date of issue must not be older than three months, and they are required in the original or a certified photocopy:

  • Extract from the Agency for Business Registers (APR), or Decision of the competent authority, or a copy of the Law (for clients established under the Law)
  • Authorised signiture (OP) form
  • Appropriate documentation showing the ownership structure:
    for limited liability companies - Extract from APR or other relevant competent authority (for companies not registered in APR or non-resident companies)
    for joint stock companies - Extract from APR or other competent authority and Extract from the Central Register (CRHOVa)
  • Identification documents for owners:
    if the owners are legal entities - for each of them, relevant status and ownership documentation is required
    if the owners are private individuals - for ultimate owners, whose participation in the capital is 25% or more, we need identification documents

Clients are obliged to provide the Bank with photocopies of the following documents:

  • Certificate of Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Extract from statistics

The above documents are mandatory for clients who are not registered in APR.

Also, for the following persons, it is necessary to submit photocopies of personal documents, i.e. certified photocopies:

  • Authorized persons from the Carton of deposited signatures
  • Legal representatives of real persons
  • Authorized persons from authorization
  • Ultimate owners of capital (private individuals) - for majority owners of capital (25% and more)

For each document, which is in a foreign language, the client must submit a translation, signed by an authorized translator, in the original or a certified photocopy.

Non-resident clients can open the following accounts at Adriatic Bank a.d. Beograd: for companies, representative offices, embassies and consulates, humanitarian organizations and others.

The date of issuance of the documents must not be older than three months, and they must be in the original or a certified photocopy, with the original certification by a notary. For each document presented in a foreign language, the client must submit a translation, signed by an authorized translator, in the original or a certified photocopy.

All documents must have an apostille, except for documents from the following countries:
Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Mongolia, Romania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Macedonia and Slovenia.

For companies, the following documents must be submitted to the Bank:

  • Certificate of registration of the parent company with the competent authority in the parent country
  • Authorization - for persons who are authorized to open an account, but are not registered as authorized signatories in the Registry in the home country
  • Tax identification number in Serbia
  • Confirmation of the authorized Registry or other document, which shows the ownership structure
  • Identification documents for company owners, i.e. in case the owners of the company are legal entities, it is necessary to identify each legal entity and its ownership structure, up to private individuals as the ultimate owners of the company. For each person who owns 25% or more of the capital, a certified photocopy of the identification document is required
  • Identity cards / passports for account holders and company managers - authorized persons with KDPa

For Representative Offices, non-resident clients must provide the Bank with status and ownership documentation for the parent company in the home country, and the following documents for the Representative Office in Serbia:

  • Extract from the Agency for Business Registers (APR)
  • Authorised signature (OP) form
  • Tax identification number in Serbia (PIB)
  • Decision on opening a representative office account
  • Identification documents for authorized persons with KDPa

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