Adriatic Bank AD Belgrade, as an international bank with professional business experience in several countries, pays special attention to working with non-residents. The bank provides a set of services that enable non-residents to find a solution for all their financial needs in an easy and simple way, meeting them on an individual level. The services you can use in our bank are as follows:

  • Opening and managing dinar and foreign currency accounts
  • Provision of electronic banking services
  • Issuance of domestic and international payment cards
  • Deposit operations
  • Advisory services

If you are a non-resident and want to use our services, you can contact the bank by phone or email, or you can visit one of our branches.

Regarding electronic banking services, for individuals you can find out more on the following page Electronic banking, while for legal entities on Electronic banking.

Terms of use and advantages of Adriatic Bank payment cards for individuals can be viewed on Payment cards, while for legal entities please visit Debit cards.

Savings conditions for individuals can be found on Savings, while conditions for placing excess liquid assets of legal entities can be viewed here Deposits.

Advisory services of Adriatic Bank AD Belgrade offers to all its clients and has special experience in working with non-residents. Our employees have an individual approach to solving all specific cases and adapt to each client individually. Come and check it out!

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