With the Housing loan in dinars, without currency clause and without loan processing fees, you can buy, build, adapt, reconstruct and refinance housing loans approved by other banks.

Loan conditions

  • Loan amount from 5,000 to 50,000 EUR in dinar equivalent
  • The loan is disbursed and repaid in dinars without a currency clause
  • The repayment term is from 60 to 120 months
  • Minimum participation is 50%
  • Potential loan beneficiaries should have a minimum of one year of work experience and six months with their last employer. The above must also apply to any guarantor.
  • The loan beneficiary and the guarantor cannot be pensioners at the same time.
  • A loan can be granted to a client who has not been in arrears for more than 30 days continuously or a total of 60 days in the last 12 months.
  • The minimum amount of net monthly average salary/pension is 20,000 dinars.
  • The nominal interest rate is variable and amounts to 3.5%* + 6M Belibor, which as of July 23, 2018, amounts to 6.56% per annum, for loans in dinars and if the client receives earnings through an account at Adriatic Bank AD Belgrade.
  • The variable part of the interest rate is adjusted every six months in accordance with the movement of 6M Belibor.
  • The effective interest rate, calculated on July 23, 2018, amounts to: 7,44% per year.
    * for clients with an open account for receiving earnings at Adriatic Bank
  • Other accompanying costs (expected amount)
    Bill of exchange (depending on the number  50 dinars
    Current account (monthly) 120 dinars
    Basic report from the Credit Bureau 246 dinars
    Certification of pledge statement 25,200 dinars
    Property insurance (annual)  40 euros
    Issuance of a real estate certificate  10 euros
    Real estate valuation 100 euros
    Request for approval of NKOSK insurance  30 euros
    Registration of a mortgage (from 20,000 to 50,000 dinars)  20,000 dinars
    Insurance premium with NKOSK 555 euros **

    ** - in the case of a loan amount of EUR 37,000 in dinar equivalent at the middle exchange rate of the NBS and an insurance premium of 1.5% (insurance premiums are from 1.5% to 3.5% depending on the ratio of the market value of the real estate and the loan amount)

    Note: All amounts stated in euros are calculated at the mid-rate of the NBS on the day of payment


Loan amount 2,000,000 dinars 5,000,000 dinars
Payment period 120 months 120 months
Monthly payment 22,581 dinars 56,453 dinars
Total repayment amount (principal and interest) 2,709,760 dinars 6,774,398 dinars

You can get a detailed offer for other loan amounts in all Adriatic Bank branches.


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